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Cadence Music Studio Photoshoot

We had a lot of fun during a recent photoshoot for Cadence Music Studio. Check out some behind the scenes stuff as well as a couple of images we will be using on their website we are building that will be launching soon!   ...

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When to Rebrand

If you aren't familiar with the term branding or you want to know more, we highly recommend taking a few minutes to read an article we posted titled, How Branding Works. This is a great place to expand your knowledge on how your logo, identity and branding all work...

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New Happenings Update

It’s been a little less than a month since we have officially launched Vheissu Creative and we are super pumped with how things are going. Everyday we are getting closer and closer to our dream of working for ourselves full time. We know we have...

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How Branding Works

Branding, logo, identity; three words often used interchangeably that actually have distinct roles that work in parallel. These terms are commonly found in relation to a company or business attempting to define themselves and create uniqueness amongst their competitors. This can get murky when developing...

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Photography 101: Exposure

The most basic component in photography is exposure. It also happens to be one of the most important as well.  It can be the difference from producing a great looking image and one that loses its impact because it was improperly exposed. We will briefly...

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Vheissu Creative | Articles | Font or Typeface

Font or Typeface?

Typography is hugely important when it comes to effectively communicating. Its origins are rooted in handwritten letters and it has a broad range of applications from calligraphy to type on web. The way you choose and implement typefaces and fonts can have a big impact...

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Vheissu Creative | Articles | Why WordPress?

Why WordPress?

We receive comments from other designers and clients frequently about why we believe WordPress is the best option for web building and why we use it as our standard at Vheissu Creative. What about Joomla, Drupal and all the other CMS's (content management system) available?...

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Vheissu Creative | Articles | Typography


Typography is the most common technique in displaying content, information and data. The creation of typographical layouts and structures is nothing less than an art form in itself. There are many things to consider when structuring typography and even more when selecting the typeface.   There are several...

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